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So, catchup time... Starting with Christmas and New Years. First off there was WAY too much turkey and roast potatoes as I'd planned for Bridget to be there - but that's ok as I luuurve turkey and roast potato sandwiches :) The rest of Christmas was actually pretty good. Nice and quiet, just me mom and Simon but it was good to get away from the madness !

Boxing Day was Dave (son of Ian Morrison who runs Jodrell Bank radio telescopes) birthday, so me, Neal and Neals girlfriend Amanda all went out to celebrate. Dave unfortunately had a massive hangover and couldn't actually join us ;)

New Years Eve was going to be a big CouchSurfing event, with everyone out for a huge party, but by 6pm everyone had cancelled apart from Julia and her sister.
I'd never met her sister, and as J had said she wanted to let her hair down and go wild, I had visions of sitting in the corner of a club on my own while the two sisters went crazy and so I was about to phone her and cancel myself when I got a text saying she was already on her way into town.

When I got to The Wellington it was just Julia - her sister had cancelled too - and 'nando, a new member to CouchSurfing.
The Welly is a quiet real ale bar. The average age of people there is 97.4 they all have beards (including the women) and they have really cute barmaids that dance with the customers when they cheesy music comes on the jukebox.
We had dinner at the Thai Orchid and then went back to The Wellington to see the new year in. It may sound like a dull evening and in a way it was but I REALLY enjoyed it.

New Years Day was the same as most New Years Day's, The Disorganised Walk around Sutton Park with a great bunch of people I only ever see once a year, and then a big carvery with Lin/Leo/Steph and Neal/Amanda
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