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Had a ver'lovely weekend.

I was supposed to be going to my T'ai Chi clubs party but there were problems with the trains and I didn't want to risk being late for visiting the freaks, so I bailed (as it turned out, I got there really early, and could have easily done both events - grrrrr)

The main event was meeting [ profile] cornflakegirl23 for drinks, which was good because I got to see [ profile] thatrachie who I haven't seen in aaaaages, plus I finally got to meet [ profile] bohemiangel
([ profile] ksbpooks was also there, but she gets around so much she doesn't deserve a special mention)

[ profile] cpt_buggernuts couldn't make it, but she did leave us some rather yummy punch which helped pass the evening after we returned from the pub.

As usual, my innocent world was corrupted with red drinks courtosy of [ profile] theconvert , although sadly there was no cream cheese :(

All in all, a top night ruined only by the fact that despite going to bed around 2:30am I still woke up at 5am
By 9am, I was getting rather restless as I do, and so I walked Pooks to her train.
Figuring the others would appreciate a nice lazy morning I decided not to go back and wake them up banging on the door to be let in, so I phoned up Steve(sanguineus) and met him for a big breakfast at Starvin Marvins.

Big thanks to Naomi & the freak for letting me stay.


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