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A bowl of creamed rice pudding and a four pack of cider.... sometimes it's the only way to cope with what life throws at you.

And today, all I've had thrown at me were insults, accusations and slurs on my intelligence. There was a compliment but I think it might have been meant as an insult.

they accused my latest endeavors to be a waste of time and no benefit to society

Now, some of you might be aware of my attempts at harnessing the power of mobile computing devices.
If not, picture this....
your boss tries to phone you at home and gets a busy tone. He keeps trying all night and all the while he gets the busy tone.
Convinced you've got him blocked, the next morning he phones you while you're at your desk so he can shout at you when you don't pick up, yet your phone rings thereby proving your innocence... but of course you're not

With a simple Windows Smartphone application, it recognises which radio transmitters you're near to and if it's one in location of your office it allows your boss to make the call, if you're at home, it diverts him to his own number - which is engaged because obviously he's on the phone to you

taking it a step further (can you tell I've been bored lately) when it picks up your local home transmitter and it's dark, by the use of X10 it turns on your hallway lights ready for you to come home.

Now, once you've trained your phone where you live, it's a simple step to tell it you're on a date, when you return home, the PC turns the heating on, dims the lights and starts playing some soft jazz.... nice

But this technology doesn't have to be limited to the home.

Bride tracking

Worried about being left standing at the alter?
No need to worry when the bride hasn't appeared1 as she's probably just running late, and with BrideTrack™ you get realtime updates direct from her Windows Smartphone.

As soon as she's in the vicinity of the church, the grooms ringtone starts playing the wedding march music.

[1: On the off chance that she wasn't delayed doing her hair and makeup, there is also available the BestManTrack™ service.]

Anyway, it's obvious that no one at my office has the same vision and creative genius as I have, as in the news today was an article on the multi million pound industry in using mobilephones to track children [and cheating spouses]. Maybe I need to just tweak my ideas slightly and actually produce something marketable before everyone else has got on the bandwaggon.
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I've been trying to think of something funny or entertaining or deep & meaningful to say for a couple of days but I just don't have anything left .

So, instead, I thought I'd put up a couple of pictures of my new toy.

The Orange M5000 - or iMate JasJar / HTC Universal / XDA Exec / Qtek 9000 / T-Mobile MDA IV as it's known on the other networks

So, apart from being shiny, what does it do?
Well, it's a touch screen PDA with built in phone capabilities. It runs Microsoft operating system so no shortage of off the shelf applications (and downloadable development tools to write you own apps too)

BUT, and here's the cool part, open it up like a book, twist the screen and....

And it becomes a really cool sub miniture handhelp laptop type gizmo

The more observant amongst you might notice that it's running some kind of chat program - a combined MSN / AIM / ICQ / Yahoo chat.
"But surely that runs up a huge phonebill" you all ask
The answer of course, is WiFi
This clever little toy will check to see if there is a WiFi signal around and log in via that, if not it will try Bluetooth, if that fails it will try to use 3G (did you notice it has two cameras? one high-def on the rear for normal photos and another front facing for video conferencing) and finally, if all else fails regular GPRS
Being powered by Micosoft Mobile2005 it comes with Pocket MS Office - so no excuse for not getting that spreadsheet or Word document finished.
It has a VGA screen, so only 640x480 but that's enough to watch TV shows - so I'll be watching the new series of House while sitting on the bus.
Oh, and if you run out of things to use it for, it can make phonecalls too - I just haven't worked out how :)

Finally, cause I've already spammed your flist with a tonne of pictures, there's this
I know, nothing to do with gadgets but I thought Ella just looked darn cute.


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