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Wow - so when did tomorrow suddenly become Thursday?
The week is just flying by.

So, what have I been up to lately then....
Work is as bad as ever. At least I can escape at lunchtime and explore the galleries - managed to catch the Dali exhibit. The paintings were a disappointment - none of my favorites on show, but the display of sketches and his sculptures were great.

I've been a bit off sorts of late - I think the technical term is "a major miserable git" rather than "depressed" so it's nothing that a good slap wouldn't fix

Had an enjoyable Halloween weekend thanks to a party round at robashbyRobs.
Was good to catch up with samphiretteSam (Peg) + Darron, redwendiWendi, mamfleSam (mamf) + Stuie & Sophie, wiccachikTaz and Amy
We were also joined by the usual suspects of huglyhouseLin + latinoblokeLeo and a boy cootie sore throat infected londonbeautySteph
I'm not sure my eyes have recovered from getting cider in them during the apple bobbing, but at least this time I didn't get beat at poker by Sophie - but only because we didn't play.

I had the pleasure of Sam & Darrons company on the evening as they were staying over in the spare room and we were joined for the traditional sunday brunch at mine by Taz before heading to the pub.


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