Apr. 24th, 2005 05:39 am
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I may have had a liiitle bit too much to drink at Keri's party and made a fool of myself

oooh the embarrassment

on the plus side, I think she was pretty drunk and wont remember so I might escape any more laughing in my face
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Ok, time for a quick update.
This could have been a long laborious update as I've actually been writing the entries for the last few months, but not actually posting them , but I decided to save you the pain, so I'll just quickly update some of the highlights.

None. I was hoping to have gone to Weymouth for Ella's birthday party but when it was switched to the Wednesday I couldn't get time off from work mid week
I have done a bit of touristy stuff lately though. Birmingham council are always going on that we should "Be A Local Tourist", and so I joined Darren and his girlfriend on a guided tour of the Jewelery Quarter. I really enjoyed myself and picked up lots of little facts about the city that I never knew.

I hate it with a passion. I'm the only person in my team now. bit sad when you think that not long ago we were breaking health and safety by having 12 people per bank of six desks and we had rows of these desks.
Testing and DP are the same. Feather and Sunil on DP and JKF in testing.
There's hardly any work to do which is making the day really drag, but there are complaints if we're not seen to be working so cant even sit around enjoying the nothingness.

Love Life:
What's one of these? [move along... nothing successful to see]
Was chatting to Louise tonight and due to recent events the topic came onto certain failings I may have.
It was agreed that I'm a big cuddly puppy
A big cuddly St.Bernard
A big cuddly St.Bernard on an acid trip
A big cuddly St.Bernard on an acid trip that spits venom
A big cuddly St.Bernard on an acid trip that spits venom and h.... [ok ok, thanks Lou, I get the message]
To sum up - I'm doomed
Gee, thanks luv

T'ai Chi was a struggle last night, just couldnt concentrate despite the fact we only learn one new move per week.
Wine tasting class is starting to get serious - the exams are this Monday. eeeeek At least it's fun to revise

Nan is starting to get really ill
Bowel and ovarian cancer keep getting mentioned. Hopefully know more on Tuesday when the next batch of test results come back.
Was dads anniversary of his death yesterday. Wasn't helped by watching "Frequency" (can anyone say "blubbering like a baby")

Jennie is pregnant again
Shaun came to visit on Wednesday. Was good to see him again, and nice to be joined by Steph and Lin+Leo
After watching Steph and Leo playing with some freeweights we all headed out for pizza and were joined by Rainbow
All in all a nice night :)

Had dinner & movie with a very attractive young lady from T'ai Chi but she seemed bored with my company the entire evening so I guess I had the better part of the deal.

Not even gonna look at the scales this week.
After having a very nice dinner out with Keri on Monday that I mentioned above and then pizza with the gang on Wednesday I'm thinking this wont be a good week on the waistline

Well, I think that's pretty much everything covered.


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