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Ah yes, the concerned big brother

Ready to spend an evening sitting in the stairwell with a bottle of wine, offering support while she cried over some boy who treated her wrong.

Giving up a night down the pub with friends to take her to a religious festival

Sleeping outside her front door because some bloke had been harassing her and she was too afraid to go to bed in case he showed up again.

Throwing an impromptu party in the car park because she was too broke to afford tickets to the outdoor concert - but hey, who needs to be inside the venue when the speaker system is good enough to hear from here.

Ahhh, what a great big brother you are....
Oh, wait a minute, that wasn't you on those occasions was it? well in that case you can fuck right off. Don't bother pretending to play happy families now.

If it's the only way to keep you happy then yes, I'll pretend to be the building maintenance man and claim that Health & Safety Act means she isn't allowed to carry those boxes down the stairs. No, don't mind me, you just sit there in your sisters car with the stereo on.

No, I'm not sad or angry that she walked past me as if I wasn't there, we'd said goodbye in private, so making a stand now just wasn't worth the family arguments. At least I was introduced to her mother and father who are obviously more open to the crazy idea of their daughter associating with the likes of me.

Was it really 14th November 2002 when a slightly dippy girl turned up on my doorstep asking to borrow a corkscrew....


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