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NASA are gonna go fix Hubble *bounce*

Right, recap of the weekends events.
Despite feeling like death warmed up on Friday I headed down to London for BritSlayers birthday bash.
Unfortunately I spent most of the train journey getting texts off all the other party goers saying they were cancelling.
For a while I was expecting to be stuck in London on my own for the weekend.
Luckily Jennie finally arrived after a small hiccup due to her boyfriend getting the tickets muddled up.
I had a bit of a wander round before I could check in, and ended up going past things like The V&A Museum, Madame Tussauds etc - so waves to woebetidewoebetide hope you're well

Anyway, I ended up picking The May Fair Hotel to stay in as it was a reasonable price.
The room was reeeeaaally nice and sadly the photos don't do it justice.The Beds
sinksThe bathroom was amazing, the sinks were cute but the shower was to die for!
The best part was discovering how much fun it is to drink champagne in the shower while we were getting ready.
And then drink more champagne while sitting around in big fluffy dressinggowns :)

In fact, we were taking so long to get ready that Kellie thought we had bailed on her - ooops
The highlight of the weekend for me occurred while we were getting dressed.
Jennie was on the phone to my mom, and was going on about how she was enjoying relaxing and said "maybe I should marry your son after all" at which point there was deathly silence at the other end... poor mom, I swear she looked 10yrs older after that shock.
(If there seems to have been a lot of bubbly being drank, the problem was we couldn't agree on which bottle to order from the hotel wine list - so I bought one bottle of each!)
KellieAnyway, we *finally* arrive at the RollerDisco and the burfdaygurl was all dressed up like a pirate - yarrrrrr - and the rest of the evening went in a whirrrr of drinking (sadly I was now on soft drinks all evening) and watching women fall at my feet - which they did in their droves.
To be fair, I was deliberately standing at the bottom of the ramp just so I could watch people fall, but being sober I had to make my own entertainment.

After the rollerdisco finished it was back to the hotel for more bubbly.
We were just finishing the last glug of the last bottle and trying to work out what to do next when I realised it was 9am and the resturant was serving breakfast. So much for sleep!
Breckie wasn't too bad. Venison sausages, wild bore bacon and a whole host of other laaadi-daa food.

As we were walking to the tube station, Jennie looked all thoughtfull and announced
"When we do this next time" [*NEXT* time?!?!?!?] "we should stay an extra night, that way we wouldn't have to rush so much - maybe even see a show"

Granted I have been sulking about not having anyone to go see a show with, but she wasn't exactly who I had in mind *g*

Anyway, have a weekend at home this week and then back down to London the following weekend for ksbpooksPooka's play at The Barn Theater
I'm going to the showing on the 11th - anyone else going to make it?


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