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Right, I've done it again apparently. I keep forgetting you don't all post at the same message forums that I do, which means I need to update this thing more often or you'll miss out on all the exciting news *g*

The next trip is now booked.
Earlier this year Cara and Jez went to Sierra Nevada in Spain for a spot of winter mountaineering.
Due to weather conditions they never made it to the summit of the big one and so they're going back for another stab in January.

As with most things, getting to the top is a team effort and so yours truly has agreed to tag along and help out with the trek from base camp to the advanced camp.

There's a few pictures here of Jez and C back in January.

I've got a few idea's of things I'd like to try while we're there (over night in a snowhole would be cool, but probably a bit too extreme), but I'm under no illusions of how difficult it will be. Just a few months ago a team died on the same route. Heck, I know first hand that you can run into trouble even on a Welsh Mountain ;) although granted, it's only the disasters that make it onto the news - lets face it, Ron Howard was never interested in making Apollo 12 (running time, 12mins "Houston, things are fine")

Anyway, here's hoping that we have a very snowy winter here in the Midlands, as I'd like to practice my axe arrest on a gentle slope - not doing it for the first time when heading off the edge of a precipice *g*

Of course, it'd help if I didn't get myself into a mess while training.
I thought I'd go for a nice early morning hike over Clent. I'm in the middle of my route when I discover there's a cross country championship race about to start, so I have to double time it out before the first competitor arrives. Explains what all those funny yellow signs were that I kept passing.


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