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You know how I won that microsoft competition by threatening to kill kittens if I didn't win...
Well someone has gone one step further and is gonna kill them anyway

It's the 2006 Webblog awards (hey, Wil Wheaton... shut the **** up about poker and you might win something again!!!) and the science section has got some close competition...

Here's PZ Meyers to explain his theory

I was going to say, "Because if you don't vote for me, I'm feeding the kittens to the Kraken," but then I realized that the kind of people who'd vote for me would probably want me to feed the kittens to the Kraken. And then I realized it didn't matter how anyone voted, because I was going to feed the kittens to the Kraken anyway. So what the heck. Kittens. Kraken. Kraken Chow. That's the way it is. As the kittens must accept their fate, so must Phil

I love it, it's a method I can relate to. And because of this, I urge you all to vote for Phi at Bad Astronomy

Go vote now - it's the final day of the competition.
Remember, a vote for Meyers will just encourage people like me so vote for bad astronomy NOW


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