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She's back which means it's the beginning of the end!

Bridget has finished the last part of her Euro tour and after a couple of days visiting friends was now back in Birmingham. I however, was still working in London so I could only manage a flying visit for the weekend.

After trying out a new restaurant that had opened while I'd been away, we caught the bus home only to have the bus driver get completely lost. Much to the amusement of all the passengers he got even more lost while trying to get back onto the correct route! Eventually I recognised the area and figured it better to get off and walk.

Finally we got home, and after looking thru the photos of the last part of her trip she mentioned how it wouldn't be long till we went to Hong Kong. It was then we discovered that due to a slight oversight on her part, we were flying on different days. We then discovered that the cutoff point for changing my flight was the day before. I love flying, but I'm fed up of always flying out seperately to everyone else due to other commitments. I know B doesnt care if I fly with her or not, but I'd been REALLY looking forward to getting to travel with someone for a change. The airline said the only thing I could do was to phone or visit Heathrow every day in the hope there was a cancellation.

I had to go back to London for work, so I left Bridget at home so she could catch up with her friends while I made the most of being able to eat diary (she's allergic) by going out for fondue with Andrea (Amorphia). I wasn't sure it was possible to eat as many cheese based dishes as we did, and I'm not sure I'll ever be able to eat that many again, but it was good and I need to pull my finger out and organise a similar evening with Rachie too (have missed the Ramorphie Construct and Andrea even suggested dragging along Jamie and Tom, both of which I'm not sure really exist)

I was hoping that B would have been able to get down to London sooner, as it would have been nice to have gone to Jamie (Kenix) "gathering" for the new issue of Phonogram, but as it turned out Andrea was broke and I didnt finish work till after Mr McKelvies bedtime so she'll be arriving tonight - best go tidy up, she'll be here any minute.
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