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I soooo didn't manage to wake up on time and slept thru 3 alarms

Want to crawl back to bed and die
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It's 4am and we've just got back from a tour of the lapdancing clubs.

Was funny to see how the different girls reacted to Bridget. Some of the dancers waited until she popped to the loo or the bar before pouncing on me, others saw it as a challenge.

A great night as usual but not sure what state I'll be in when I get up for work in 2hrs!
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Happy Birthday NANCY
{Hugs} look at it this way, the rest of the year can only get better after a start like today!
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Another great week - blimey, they keep rolling in!!!!

A bit of confusion saw me waiting and waiting and waiting for Bridget to get off the bus on Monday.
Had either of us turned around, we'd have realised we were standing about 10ft apart with our backs to each other. Each of us had arrived a bit early and picked a good spot with a view of approaching pedestrians. I was looking DOWN the street, and she was behind me looking UP the road.
D'oh! With that finally sorted I dragged Neal over for dinner (The Plough does a buy one, get one free on pizza on Mondays so rather than let it go to waste I suggested he join us for a free meal). We then did a bit of a pub crawl before finally heading back home in the early hours of the morning.

Tuesday I was at a Microsoft Robotics conference. Am all geekily excited now and have lots of ideas for world domination helped with my own android army :) Nothing can stop me mwaaahaaahaaaa, oh damn, they've blue screened.... shouldn't have used Vista

Wednesday was a bit of a quiet evening, although somehow the conversation came onto porn movies at which point Bridge seemed to become more alert, and the next day saw us heading to watch a few of the *ahem* "art" movies that were being shown as part of a dirrrty movie themed exhibition. Unfortunately, a bit of confusion at the tourist information office saw me waiting outside an exhibit called porn and she was waiting by the billboards for pornography at the Rep Theatre. I'm spotting a theme for this week *g*

A quick re plan was in order, and rather than waste a nice evening, we went for dinner at Nandos and then caught a showing of whatever was at the Foreign Film Society I'm with.

Bridge had a craving for one of the meals on the children s menu and was pretty much begging the waitress. Unfortunately the woman was having
nothing of it, so Bridget announced "I'm a child, I'm eleven years old"
AhHaaa she thought, the waitress would never want to be accused of calling a customer a liar.
With the people behind us turned round watching, the waitress asked Bridget to confirm she was 11, which she did, and asked her to confirm she wanted the children s menu, which she did.
Then, in an even louder voice than Bridget used, announced that the menu quite clearly states that the children section is only for kids aged 10 and under, and Bridget, by her own admission, was not eligible for it.
*palm*face* If you're going to lie, at least check the facts that you're lying about *g*

The movie we ended up seeing was "Une vieille maîtresse" by French film-maker Catherine Breillat who is well known for her sexually explicit movies, although - sadly as far a B seemed to be concerned - this was one of her most tame. Instead this period drama set in 19th century Paris concentrated on the differences between the leading ladies. Stoic Britishness, sultry French moodiness and wild crazed Latin emotion.

[local Brummies who like their movies a bit off the wall and with subtitles really need to check out the Central Library International Film Society, showing Tuesdays and Thursdays]

Friday is jazz night, although this week it was a bit too mellow for my mood. I waited until Katherin arrived and then popped out for dinner in Brindley Place and then came back just as the jazz set was finishing before heading off to The Wellington.
There we met up with a young brickie from Leeds and a guy from Cardiff who dreams of running his own brewery. As usual when you meet random strangers everyone had a great time and email/phone numbers were swapped and tentative plans made for a night out on the town midweek.

Bridget got a bit peckish, and after a quick run to KFC she then decided she would rather have a change of pace so I left Kat and we came back and stuck on some classic 80's comedies with John Candy.

At some ungodly hour this morning I dragged myself out of bed and took Bridge to the train station as she carried on with the next phase of her round the world trip.

And now.... the sun is shining and there are friends to visit, so I'm hitting the road.
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Have had a great couple of days.
Went out on Friday with the CouchSurfing group for the regular Friday night Jazz+Beer
Had quite a large turnout and it was gone 2am when I finally got home after a really brilliant evening (despite being on diet coke all night)

It's been ArtsFest here in Brum this weekend so that was pretty cool too - the opening of it was Friday night so we popped over to the town hall and council offices to watch the light display. It was raining pretty hard, but that actually added to the atmosphere with the lights bouncing off the rain as it fell.

Luckily Saturday was much better weather so got to have a walk around the squares, chat with some of the people from the various museums and art galleries etc.
After coming home and doing some shopping I went back into town and watched some of the dancing and checked out some of the local poets (had bumped into quite a few people I knew earlier, so this time I was actively looking for friends performing)

Sunday was more of the same, caught some of the morning events, worked on the boat while listening to the Grand Prix, and then came back to see what other shows were on.

Am now doing a spot of housework before work as my CS'er arrives this afternoon. No idea how long she's staying. A day turned into two, then a request for another couple of days. Doesn't really bother me, haven't got much on other than a small conference on Microsoft Robotics so it's not as if it's putting me out if she stays all week.
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I was over at Neal's today and popped to the local shops and bought their cheapest packet of 24 nappies (or diapers for those of you that use strange words)

An hour later I returned and much to the checkout girls disbelief I bought another pack of 24 nappies.

An hour and a half and I was back again and - rather hesitantly I must add - was sold yet another box. This time the smaller 12 pack - after all, you don't want to over do it do you?

Another hour after that and I walked into the same store and straight away the assistant asked "Not MORE nappies?"
I looked at her as if she was crazy and replied of course not, picked up a bottle of milk, paid for it and walked out.

She was DYING to ask what I'd been using them for and I was half tempted to put her out of her misery but I thought it was more fun to leave it to her wild imagination - plus it would give her something fun to gossip about with her colleagues and friends.

You're probably wondering exactly what I had been up to that warranted the use of 60 nappies in 4hrs aren't you?

Sadly, it's nothing dramatic, perverted, or obscene :(

The cockpit shutters on Lorelei aren't that great (on my list of things to be replaced) and with all the storms we've had, a lot of water had got into the cabin. It's fairly easy to mop a floor, but the bilges are a pain in the butt to get to, so I laid out a carpet of nappies, had a coffee, picked them up and put down another layer. Got the insides of all those little nooks and crannies nice and dry in no time :)


Sep. 7th, 2008 06:59 pm
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Well, after reading and rereading the rules, and watching the replay over and over... I think Lewis was a naughty boy.
The penalty was too harsh mind, and I hope he wins the appeal, but once again, he didn't play entirely within the sporting guidelines

still a damn exciting end to the race, and once again it showed the difference between Kimi and Felipe. Even if Kimi stuffed it, I'd rather watch a racetrack full of "I thought this is it, now's my chance" than "I should take it easy now"
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I love to just click on random communities in LJ. Most of the time it's utter drivel, but this one really caught my eye.

foundphotosFoundPhotos is a community where you post copies of any photos you might find (bet you'd never have guessed would you).
Some are random snaps people have left in the recycle bin at the library computer, others are old photo albums that have been thrown out. Many are photographs that were used as bookmarks and then the book was given to a charity store.

There's one photo that is just utterly amazing, there's so much emotion from both of people in this snap
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So it turns out I'm not invincible.

who'd have thought it!


Aug. 31st, 2008 06:47 pm
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Seb Seb Seb *shakes head*

I expected better :(
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One of my favourite poems is Bertolt Brecht's “Remembrances of Marie A" and that was the simple reason I picked The Lives Of Others off the shelf in HMV's last sale as I remembered it was quoted during von Donnersmarck Oscar winning movie about a Stasi investigation.

There is very little action, and I'm not sure I have enough faith in human nature to believe 100% (At least there was a real Oskar in Schindlers List as Knabe pointed out) but despite all that, this is one amazing movie, and almost as good as Armageddon, well it would have been if they'd swapped the secret police for astronauts and changed the Berlin Wall to be an asteroid.

One day in blue-moon September,
Silent under a plum tree,
I held her, my silent pale love
in my arms like a fair and lovely dream.

Above us in the summer skies,
Was a cloud that caught my eye.
It was so white and high up,
and when I looked up, it was no longer there.

And since that moment, many a September
Came sailing in, then floated down the stream.

No doubt the plum trees were cut down for timber
And if you ask what happened to my dream
I shall reply: I cannot now remember
Though what you have in mind I surely know.
And yet her face: I really don't recall it.
I just recall I kissed long ago

Even the kiss would have been long forgotten
If that white cloud had not been in the sky.
I know the cloud, and shall know it forever,
It was pure white and, oh, so very high.

Perhaps the plum trees still are there and blooming.
Perhaps that woman has six children too.
But that white cloud bloomed only for a moment:
When I looked up, it vanished in the blue.

                                                Bertolt Brecht
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Hope you're having a great day

Belated Birthday wishes to Christina, hope you had a brilliant day hangliding or drinking with pretty boys or whatever it is you do down under to celebrate
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I guess you could probably describe Emma as my first love.
Our parents had been friends since they were teenagers and I can juuuuust about remember her as a new born baby, so it was very emotional to watch her walk down the aisle.

It was also quite emotional to listen to Richard - her husband - give his speech later in the evening. He is one of those guys a complete stranger could meet and within seconds think "he's a good bloke" so when he stood up and described his feelings you just knew the words really were coming from the heart.

Anyway, enough of that emotional crap.... here was the best bit of the entire wedding. The cake!


Aug. 7th, 2008 10:56 pm
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Seriously odd feeling. I went to have the next batch of injections before my trip to India (which might be delayed again - keep your fingers crossed for Neal as although it would be bad for our vacation, it would be great for him to get this contract)

I was ok at first despite having so many injections that they used both arms - and a few places we wont discuss in public), but then boy did the side effects hit!!!!
My joints all seem to too big, the muscles are on fire and my throat is sore yet despite that I feel really bouncy. Most odd.

On the plus side, I'm now vaccinated for many many things. Go back in two week s for the rest.
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I know I'm getting serious rally withdrawal symptoms, but there's something very wrong if I have to get my fix from watching Lindsay Lohan in Herbie.
Hellooooooooooo I am Lindsay Lohan

Talking of rallying, these photos from Rally Finland by DoN really capture what I love about rallying, these hitech cars completely out of place in the forests.
I still love this footage of Petter in 2004, especially the way can hear Phils voice getting scratchier and scratchier as he desperately tries to keep up with the pacenotes. It doesn't look that fast and then every now and then you notice how quickly the scenary is whizzing past.

oooh also found this from a few years back of the miggins stuffing it up and somehow ending up with it pointing in the right direction

Oh , in other random news, my new manager was sitting on the row behind us at Hamlet. I thought I recognised her.
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Sooo, catchy up time.

As mentioned previously, went to see Hamlet with Captain Picard and The Doctor.
Met up in Stratford with Pooks, G and one of Kelly's friends for a spot of lunch on the canal side in the sunshine, and then after a quick trip to Starbucks, we went on to the play. Bumped into Dave and Yuen (Robs friends) which was nice to see a few more friendly faces.
Patrick Steward was awesome.  There were a few times that David Tennant was a bit too Doctory for my liking, but on the whole it was a great play.
I loved the theatre, it was The Courtyard which I'd never been to before and there was this feeling you were in a really big production but without feeling distanced from it, they've done a great job of keeping you feeling part of the play the way small theatre halls do.

Started a new contract. Yup, got so bored I went back to work. Didn't last long, project wasn't spec'd properly etc etc.
Am now in new project. Money isn't anything special - it's only a dotnet2.0 project but it's only 5mins on the bus and the people are great.
The way I figure, it'll keep me from getting bored, plus Lorelei's hull needs a new coat of paint so this'll pay for some work on her.

Have to go to be stabbed a few dozen times on Thursday - next batch of vaccinations ready for the trip into the Himalayas. I've decided all future vacation destinations must be in places that don't require immunisation from Ebola.

I'm sure there was a lot more to mention but my mind's gone blank - nothing new there then!
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[sad] Another name I recognise on the K2 list :(
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Shakespeare + David Tennant + Patrick Stewart = made of win
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sometimes it's good to be remembered.
sometimes it's not.

this was a bad timing kinda day.

but still good.
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Oh my, was having a bit of a clear out - including some 7" vinyl from a certain red head who thought she was alone - and came across some of my stuff from college (school age 16-18 for any American viewers) including some press cuttings of Joanne Ambrose - the daughter of the head of my IT course - who was using one of the first IBM PC's that the college had thanks to a visit from Margaret Thatcher.
I had a massive crush on Jo at the time. Wow, seems odd seeing a photo of her, and I can't believe I've kept it at the bottom of a cupboard for 20years. Almost seems ashame to throw it away.

I've been wanting to treat myself to a couple of "toys", specifically, a cut throat razor and a watch.
I've narrowed the watch choice down to a necklace sundial and a pocket watch
And don't worry, I haven't gone completely old school... I still like my fancy gadgets but at the moment I'm happy playing with my HTC Diamond which is more than enough technology to keep me happy for a while.


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