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My phone rings...
"Hi Tony, it's Amy from the garage. You were supposed to be dropping your car in yesterday, I was wondering when you were going to do that"
"But I dropped it off yesterday morning"
"Oh.... erm.... nothing to worry about.... haaahaahaa erm... it's probably around here somewhere.... ermm.... oh dear... erm... can I call you back later"

Phone rings again.
"Mr.Morel, It's Enterprise Rental Cars here, your rental agreement runs out today. Have they finished the repairs on your vehicle and what time will you be returning the loan car?"
"I've a feeling they might not have finished working on it just yet....."

Oh bugger... please don't say the car has been stolen.

Then Neal gets in touch regarding news about the what the bastards did to my car.

bugger bugger bugger... hang on, why is he saying coupe. It's the VR4 that's gone missing.
My 220 Tomcat Coupe is safe and sound at his fathers yard.
I mean, how fucking unlucky would you have to be to have BOTH cars stolen within 24hrs...

So it turns out that, amongst all the other damage to machinary / goods that was stored at the yard, they've managed to find enough of the remains to identify it as my car.

I wouldn't mind, but because they'd only just finished working on it, I hadn't put back on the insurance policy.

My phone goes again.
"Tony, it's Amy here, the car is fine. The paperwork hadn't been completed properly so even though the car is safely locked up in the pound it wasn't showing up on my computer"

So it's only the one car I've lost today.

Still, you've gotta laugh haven't you.


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