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I'm sure that the couple in question will be doing a proper update, but for the likes of Dawn etc....

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Bit of an update - not too in-depth as 90% of my friends list will have already read the other reports.

The big event was Anne and Marks wedding.
Thanks to the joys of SatNav showing me where I could & couldn't overtake I managed to have a lazy start to the day and still arrive at the same time as everyone else.
The do was being held in Llangollen, which is rather a pretty little town as can be seen here

Things kicked off with lunch / ice cream / fudge / ice cream / cakes with company provided by Lin Leo Steph Lucas cobby Pooks Elayna Steve and a quick hello from Karen and her parents

Then, having spotted a nice looking walk along the Llangollen Canal, we set off to take in the sights and build up a bit of an appetite.

As for the wedding reception.
I think "perfect" would just about do it justice.
Anne looked lovely, as did Karen and even Mark scrubbed up well.
The venue was great, a nice outdoor area with a small band which I really enjoyed and then for the speeches etc there was a converted barn type building with a bit of character - a much better choice than many of the featureless hotels.
Of course, there was the food.
but what else would you expect with Anne picking the suppliers.
For those 3 or 4 of you who don't know shirazpetraAnne, she is not only a great cook - think back to the thanks giving weekend I'm always raving about - but she also pens the odd article for amongst others, the North West Enquirer - check out her article on potatoes here
Anyway, for me the highlight was the drool worthy cheese selection.

The only slight hiccup was my wedding gift. I received a letter just before I left saying my gift was out of stock, and so being replaced with something else off the list. Not a big problem, but my attempt at writing a humorous message in the card regarding the gift looks a bit daft now that it has nothing to do with what was actually delivered.
ho hum.


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